Mello | Brioche & Dipped Donuts, Amazing Coffees and Latte Art

Mello is a new donut shop in Chinatown area and they offer brioche donuts, dipped donuts, gorgonzola financiers, cornflake cookies, intricate latte art, house special coffee blend and beautiful latte art!

Donuts by Mello

Special Drinks and Offerings

Mello is run by Koreans and you can expect an aesthetic cafe with beautiful coffee offerings. Their baristas exceeded my expectations with the amount of love and care they put into each drink. For example, the matcha latte came with a friendly bear, cortado had a lovely angel and caffe latte had lingering hearts. I absolutely loved the cortado because Mello careful selected a house blend of roasted beans that haves a great nutty and chocolate flavour.

The Matcha Affogato was served with their milk soft serve. I found the matcha to be very mellow (no pun intended) as the sweetness of the milk soft serves reduced the bitterness and earthiness of the matcha. However, I highly recommend the Espresso Affogato because the coffee was very strong and the milk flavour lightly sweetened the coffee without losing its own milkiness.

Brioche Donuts

The entire time I was a Mello, there were constantly new batches of donuts being fried and served fresh. I felt the tiramisu and PB&J flavours needed to be stronger but the lemon curd, chocolate and vanilla fillings were all very distinct and obvious.

The texture of the donut is chewy, soft, airy and slightly dense. I prefer a denser donut because I don’t want to eat oily, bready air. I like to consume something that makes me ponder while I chew. I was told no preservatives were placed into the donuts hence, the donuts are denser.

Dipped Donuts + my favourite (Lemon)

Mello also serves dipped donuts in flavours of chocolate coated peanuts, chocolate and matcha. The Chocolate Covered Peanut Dipped Donut was very rich in chocolate with an abundant of peanuts. The Matcha Dipped Donut had a very presented matcha flavour. I was worried it might be too sweet but it was balanced very well with its earthy flavour peeking through. The Chocolate Dipped Donut was delicious and well executed but I prefer the other flavours.

Sweet Treats

Although Mello is known for their brioche donuts, I think their Gorgonzola Financier was an innovative savory and sweet pastry. The outside of the financier was coated with a sugary, honey like glaze which created a slight crisp element to break apart the cake-cookie. The cheese flavour was also perfectly balanced with the sweet.

The Cornflake Cookie was chewy and reminded me of frosted flake cereal but without being overall sweet.

The Old Fashion Donut was one of my top favourites because the cake donut was soft and the glaze gave a slight crunch to the donut. It wasn’t overly sweet and I would definitely be back for it.

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait to bring my friends and family to try the innovative sweets and treats by Mello. Their coffee was enticing and the latte art was beautiful. The interior was aesthetics and is very minimalistic but instagram worthy. There hasn’t been a donut place that I fill in love with in Vancouver but this might be the one!

Mello Menu

Location: 223 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2T9

Hours of Operations


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