Baroness Bubble Tea (小黑糖) | Oat Milk BBT in Vancouver

After a long awaited soft opening, Baroness Bubble Tea had their grand opening on Saturday, December 7th! They are famous for their oat milk option that substitutes milk in bubble tea.

How did oat milk change the game?

Say good bye to chalky, milky and curdled almond milk and hello to naturally sweet flavoured and thicker, oat milk

The use of oat milk gives lactose intolerant people the chance to enjoy the beauty of bubble tea. It harmoniously combines with the caramel flavours of brown sugar and its thicker, creamier consistency, compared to other milk alternatives, makes it a winning drink experience.

Drink Recommendations

I highly recommend the Purple Yam with Brown Sugar because the oat milk adds a cheerio, honey like sweetness to the nutty and sweet purple yam. The milk doesn’t overpower the main drink ingredients which was a plus for me.

The brown sugar milk drinks were one of the best compared to the big players like YiFang and Gong cha.

Everyone raves about the Thai Tea with Brown Sugar and they weren’t wrong! It had the signature star anise and clove flavour that brings out a bold and slightly bitter aftertaste. Get it with 30% sugar because Thai tea isn’t the same if the drink is overly sweet.

One stand out point about Baroness is the amount of care they put into each drink. Even though the store was busy, they made sure each drink came out beautiful and you knew you weren’t being cheated on as they ensured that the portion fills the cups.

Final Thoughts

I will definitely be back to try more drinks and explore their secret menu. Although prices are higher, ~$6.75 for a medium size cup, I prefer quality over quantity. There is no point in treating yourself with bubble tea that isn’t great in taste but large in size.

Location: 2790 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3Z2

Hours: M-Th: 12-8PM, F-S: 12-9PM, Su: 12-8PM

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